Conservation of large animals in Romania

Rewilding Foundation- Safeguarding wilderness areas like the Romanian Carpathians with large mammals as keystone species.

The Rewilding Foundation is represented in an initiative for green economic development in the Romanian Carpathians.

Working on the premise that local action implies global change, the objective of this project is to provide viable socio-economical incentives for ecologically sustainable development of Vama Buzaului, a county with a proud independent community in Transylvania, Romania. The project is largely grass roots motivated, involving the local council.

The area holds great opportunities to integratively develop, achieve and brand green tourism, small business & industry, alternative living, energy production, agriculture and education.  Hence strengthening local economies with ecological goods & services, inspiring further ecologically sustainable development across a wider region and Eastern Europe.

The aim of this initiative is “to add green value, instead of subtracting it”, diverting away from mainstream developments that now run haphazardly through the Carpathians.

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