The Rewilding Foundation

The Rewilding Foundation werkt samen met anderen aan de waarborging en herstel van wildernisgebieden met roofdieren.

The Rewilding Foundation werkt samen met anderen aan de waarborging en het herstel van wildernisgebieden met roofdieren en hun voedsel als sleutelsoorten of maatgevende kernwaarden voor grote natuurgebieden.

Foundation and mission

With indications that leopards may still survive in certain remote areas of Asia Minor and the Caucasus – practically on the doorstep of Europe – the Anatolian Leopard Foundation was initially established for an inquiry. Since then we endeavor to advocate effective conservation of nature with keystone organisms together with ecologically sustainable development of human communities, based on the noble principle of rewilding. This has culminated into the new The Rewilding Foundation. The history, symbolism and plight of the Anatolian leopard still inspires us to first of all start with facilitating the conservation of large mammalian carnivores as one of the vital conditions for the biosphere, as well as one of the stunning attractions of our World.

We believe in initiatives for effective conservation and restoration of biodiversity and wilderness areas (rewilding and continental conservation) combined with ecological sustainable development.  Within this framework we are consultants and brokers for project development, project management and fund raising. We support the activities of others in partnership or develop our own projects with others.
Our work is multi-pronged but focused on projects within the framework of rewilding, covering the following areas:
  • Conservation surveys of key and threatened carnivore species in unexplored areas around the globe to establish conservation needs and apply immediate practical counteractive measures.
  • Devise and apply conservation measures underpinned by state-of-the–art science and technology and with consultation of renowned experts through an expert network.
  • Ecological network planning and realization; rewilding projects.
  • Habitat restoration projects.
  • Support to human-animal conflict management or resolve, including first aid measures to prevent for example live-stock depredation.
  • Anti-poaching projects.
  • Wildlife (keystone species) re-introduction projects.
  • Human and carnivore co-existence with mutual benefits through ecologically sustainable development and ecosystem-based management.
  • Production of conservation film, photography, documentation, articles, training courses/workshops, and educational materials (including resources on rewilding on this website).
  • Synergy among rewilding advocates.

Het bestuur

Voorzitter: Drs. E. van Maanen (Erwin)
Penningmeester: ing. K. Cuyten (Koen)
Secretaris: Drs. E. van Maanen (Erwin)
Lid: De heer M. Marseille (Mirko)
Lid: De heer N. de Koning (Nico)
International associates: Matthew Pomilia (US), Paul Meek (Australia), Nuno Negroes Soares (Portugal/Bolivia) and Shekar Kolipaka (Nederland).                                                   


Secretariat of the Rewilding Foundation
Gewestlaan 45
7431 AJ Diepenveen
Tel: 0570-614176

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